MTC, 20 years on the podium

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Team Work

MTC can rightly claim to be one of the most established, respected sports management agencies in the UK. With a track record of over 22 years that has been richly blessed with some of the greatest names in British Sports. Boasting 6 Olympic Champions and 13 Olympic Medallists, on the current client list, 2 BBC Sports Personalities of the year and some of sport broadcasting’s biggest names speaks even louder.

Our roster of talent has been refined to focus on those who possess the potential within sport, but also the extra ingredients to diversify as their career develops.

Going the Distance

A common theme flows across our rich portfolio of talent: exceptional potential, a thirst for success and career longevity.

We pride ourselves in consistently identifying Britain’s best young sporting talent, channelling the existing qualities that keep them at the top of their game from year to year into the corporate, commercial and media market.